About RentXS

RentXS is the online rental marketplace providing both property owners and renters with an easy to use platform to connect and rent almost anything. You can list almost any kind of item for rent, so that renters have a single website to go to for all their rental needs. RentXS rental displays the items for rent along with their price, dates of availability, conveniently mapped around the location of the user.

What's in it for you?

For property owners (Businesses and Individuals)

    • Make use of that XS capacity. Boost your business visibility through a user-friendly and widely used website
    • Access a powerful and flexible online reservation service for your products
    • Manage online and cost-efficiently your inventory and business
    • Get new clients and improve your bottom line

For Everyone

    • Find whatever you need, whenever you need it, wherever you are in our one-stop rental platform
    • Access new fun and useful goods and discover new activities
    • Make money out of your closet and garage
    • Rent anything you can possibly imagine, not just apartments and cars!
    • Do it all quickly, safely and cost-effectively

For the Community

    • Promote a more sustainable way of consuming that saves natural resources
    • Tighten the community bonds by having neighbors helping each other out
    • Support local rental businesses
    • RentXS provides you peace of mind


You get the security of our unique payment system that means the property owner gets paid for the rental after you have had the service delivered.

Property Owner

We offer our service to individual and company property owners.  If you have a piece of property you would like to rent, you have come to the right place.

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